2012: Year In Review


On behalf of the NYC Startup Mixers Team we’d like to thank you for your support and helping make 2012 a great year, we couldn’t have done it without you! The event series has grown tremendously since it’s launch in June and we are continually making improvements to bring you the most value.

This year was an incredible one; abound with accomplishments and milestones not only for us but for many of our friends. We held three very successful (and very lively) happy hours, a seminar series, and saw several job placements. A special holiday shout out to BUZZtheBar, Brightbox, Let’s Order Now, Do It In Person – who just started private Beta – and Uber for getting the taxi commission to change the regulations enabling them to pilot their program and effectively connect drivers and passengers by app!

Our event with Lemonade Heroes on November 29th was nothing short of a roaring success and working alongside their team and our sponsors made for a truly unforgettable night. The crowd really impressed us with their incredibly innovative businesses, ideas, and enthusiasm for the NYC startup scene. Nowhere on earth has the heart and raw talent that our city does and if the Lemonade Heroes event is any indication, the Big Apple is about to become the Big-Dog-In-Tech and otherwise!

Our team recently had the honor of attending some of the most exciting speaker events around the city. From SmartMoney Entrepreneurs How To Get Funding From A Shark! with Daymond John, to a Forbes hosted event examining the intricacies and dynamics of the various kinds of business partnerships. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s speech at NYU’s Stern School of Business was in short, amazing. Entrepreneurs, students, and investors alike left each event with a renewed sense of determination and insight that can only be described as invaluable.

One of the best things about the NYC startup culture is that anytime you step outside can be a truly educational experience. With every new person you meet comes a boundless opportunity to discover the next big thing in terms of startups and technologies. At the speaking event with the Twitter CEO, Professor Greg Coleman claimed that RebelMouse was going to be the company to look out for. Considering the fact that this professor stated plainly to the audience that “if you don’t take an adventure now you’re screwed for life”, I followed his advice and did some due diligence. What the company does is provide a platform that essentially brings together all of your recent online sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc.) into one space that resembles a perfectly curated website. Digital Journalists are thought to derive the most benefit from the technology, although I can see it catching on across the board.

Another fantastic thing about the culture in this city with regard to startups is that any company, even the most “controversial”, can find legitimacy and acceptance in this town. MakeLoveNotPorn.tv is a prime example of this. Cindy Gallup’s company’s name may throw you off but the goal behind the endeavor is arguably noble. She claims that in order to eradicate the negative misrepresentations of sexuality rampant in society we must simply change the porn that we are (all, allegedly) watching. As in, in order to gain a real understanding of sex and sexuality, real couples send in real footage of their sexcapades. The idea is that each user pays a small fee to upload their video and others may “rent” their footage and they get part of the profit from their own material. Attempting to flip a billion dollar industry completely on its head is nothing to ignore.

While it’s unlikely that the world will be ending anytime soon we have plans to seriously shake things up over here with some very big announcements coming in January as well as a truly stellar line up of events including speakers from Etsy, Tumblr, Foursquare, ESPN, New York Angels, Bessemer Venture Partners, DFJ Gotham & more. Join our newsletter to keep up with updates. We intend to make 2013 count and we know you are too. So again, happy holidays and see you in the New Year!

Stay safe, stay smart, stay NYC!

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